Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

All original (large) versions of the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom (NTSC & PAL) can output RGB without a modification - All that's required is the proper cable.  The SNES Mini / SNES Jr. outputs a better signal then most of the large versions, but requires a modification to get RGB.  Please scroll down for more information:


  • If you don't “need” a model 1, just get a SNES Mini and either mod it for RGB, or send it out to be modded.
  • If you insist on using an original SNES 1, try to hunt down a console with a serial number that starts with “UN3” (as explained in the 1CHIP SNES section), then open it up and hope it's a 1CHIP!
  • If you insist on using a model 1 SNES and want the best possible quality, check out the 1CHIP mods available.